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Leno and Fallon mock 'Tonight Show' rumors -- VIDEO

In this clip, the two NBC hosts share a phone call that begins with Fallon asking Leno if they’re still friends (“of course,” replies the reigning late night king). The men then begin a rousing (and lip-synced) version of West Side Story’s “Tonight,” in which they poke fun at whether the franchise will move to New York, and how Leno has “Fox on the line, or maybe he’ll take over for Dave.”
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'West Side Story' retold

By Colin Dabkowski
News Arts Critic

Set in New York in the 1950s, the musical centers on tensions between Puerto Ricans and the white working class that no longer factor in the Big Apple's ethnic potpourri. Its central love affair, based on what ought to be the ageless tale of Romeo and Juliet, has grown creakier over the decades.

And then there's the small matter of the popular 1961 film adaptation, a less-than-polished affair that some critics claim squeezed the life out of the show and imprisoned it in a certain time and antiquated style in the minds of most Americans. All of that conspired to make a relevant 21st century revival increasingly unlikely.

But that didn't stop Arthur Laurents, the director and writer who penned the show's book, from fostering its resurrection in 2009. Collapse )