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For those of us who don't live in NYC and were too poor to go to the Dancers Over 40 documentary event, count your blessings! Though the documentary itself won't be released, they did film the panel and Q&A portion with Harvey Evans (Mouthpiece), Bert Michaels (Snowboy) and David Bean (Tiger), and will send a DVD copy to everyone who buys DO40 membership. It's a very reasonable amount, and a great way to support a wonderful organization while getting your West Side Story fix. :)

Dancers Over 40

THE REVIEWS ARE IN! HERE'S HOW TO GET A COPY OF THE PANEL AND Q&A FROM DO40'S WEST SIDE STORY EVENT OCT. 9TH! BECOME A MEMBER! For a limited amount of time, facebook fans that join DO40 will receive the 30 minute DVD of the WSS panel with Harvey Evans, Bert Michaels and David Bean, and the ensuing Q & A from the audience. This will NOT be released on youtube.



DO40 is constructing a members only page on our website to that our members can view current and upcoming events. That said, all of our previous events are still viewable for FREE, for everyone, on our youtube channel. Unfortunately, we cannot continue the practice of posting all of our panels to our audiences for free. We have costs to maintain our organization as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, and must consider growing the membership of the organization as our immediate goal.

So, those of you outside the NY/NJ/CT area, yearly membership dues are only $35.00. Metro NY members pay $45.00 since they can take part in the discounts for our local events. Just go to our website, www.dancersover40.org and click on the join/donate button. You may pay by credit card (Paypal) or just download the membership page and send in your check. Please help to support DO40 the best way you can, by becoming a card-carrying member! (Yes, you get real membership cards and newsletters as well!)

And more reviews:

“I can't stop thinking about the evening…. So glad that you video all of these events. This information is so precious to preserve. Imagine how happy the viewers are who live too far away to get to the events. What a learning tool for the young hopefuls.”

“What a fabulous day yesterday! It was absolutely perfect! The 3 "live" guys onstage were amazing, and the continuation afterwards at Joe Allen's, with lots of old friends, was the perfect ending. You have done an amazing job - I salute you. It just gets better and better.”

"Hats off to Dancers over 40 and Harvey Evans for that wonderful presentation this afternoon at the St. Luke's Theater in honor of the 50th anniversary of West Side Story. For anyone who was fan of West Side Story -the movie, this was a real treat."

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