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something's coming

And now, a West Side Story pictorial:

Meet Tony.

Tony: Hi, everyone!

Tony has a best friend named Riff.

Riff: Hey, buddy!
Tony: Hiya, Riff.

Riff has a favor to ask of Tony.

Riff: Listen, buddy, we've got a problem. It rhymes with Shmuerto Picans and we need ya real bad. So come help me cream their asses at the dance tonight.
Tony: I wonder if this sign is straight. I just painted it yesterday, Riff, don't you like it? I think I could be an artist.
Riff: You're not even listening, are you?

But Tony's got other things on his mind.

Tony: No, no, I'm totally listening! It's just—look, Riff, I'm kinda busy working for this sweet old man and all. He gives me free Coke from the cellar, see?
Riff: Nice. Hook me up?
Tony: Not that kind of coke.

Riff doesn't understand.

Riff: But Tony, the Jets really need you!
Tony: Oh, right. That gang that's graffittied its name right above your head?
Riff: I'm pretty sure that was you, buddy. I mean, your name's right underneath it.
Tony: Ah. Well, I've moved on. And I think you should, too.
Riff: Yeah? How?

Tony has a suggestion for Riff.

Tony: Work for a living, fool!
Riff: But I like mooching off your mother. Who totally macks on me. I'm just saying.

Tony is not impressed.

Riff: Uncle!
Tony: YEAH!
Riff: Uncle!!
Tony: C'MON!

Both Riff and Tony are blissfully unaware of what this scene looks like. Or maybe not.

Tony decides to have some soda.

Tony: I wonder how many bubbles are in this here bottle of soda pop.
Riff: Did you get that from the Tootsie Pop commercial?
Tony: No. That's how many licks to a Tootsie Pop. Totally different.
Riff: Right. Anyway, I gots to jet. Haha. Ha.
Tony: Cute, Riff.
Riff: See ya at 10:00, don't be late!
Tony: But—
Riff: Womb to tomb, buddy!
Tony: Sigh. Birth to earth. No one's going to die from this, right?
Riff: Who knows?
Tony: Very reassuring.

Tony tries to get back to work, and fails.

Tony: Hmm. He's right. Who knows?

So he exercises his lip-syncing abilities instead.

Jim Bryant: Could beeeeeee! Who knoooooows? There's something due, any day, I will know, right away, soon as it shooooooows!

It must be said that Jim Bryant is awesome. These lyrics are tongue-twisters.

Jim Bryant: It may come cannonballin' down through the sky, gleam in its eye, bright as a roooooose!

Ultimately, undaunted by Shakespearean precedent and lack of vocal range, young Tony decides to crash the dance and go for that B natural, after all.

Tony: Maybe toniiiiiiiiight!

To be continued.

Fun facts: Tony is Prince Charming and Riff is Captain Kirk, since there is a very faint resemblance to Russ Tamblyn. He's in his rumble outfit for now. -.-; Also, I had a lot of fun graffittiing the wall. Hope you enjoyed! :)

Tags: 1961 film, 1961-2011 anniversary celebration, fun stuff, graphics, homage, richard beymer, riff, russ tamblyn, something's coming, tony
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