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Today, BroadwayWorld is beyond thrilled to present the World Premiere of the newest track from Fox’s hit musical dramedy series GLEE -

Darren Criss, as Blaine, performing the classic Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim opening vocal number from WEST SIDE STORY, “Something’s Coming”! This year’s choice for McKinley High’s new musical production, WEST SIDE STORY is a classic American institution known not only for its original Broadway run but also for the memorable 1961 film version that won a boatload of Oscars, including Best Picture. The Shakespeare-based musical tragedy created by Broadway’s finest minds has more than its fair lion’s share of unforgettable songs, as well - among them, last season’s top fan-favorite, “I Feel Pretty”. With “Something’s Coming” Criss proves to be the ideal Tony, too. A match made in musical theatre heaven, here is GLEE meets WEST SIDE STORY!

Hot on the heels of the Broadway-centric premiere episode on Tuesday night, this exclusive First Listen Friday performance from next Tuesday’s episode, "I Am Unicorn", perfectly captures the youthful passion, restless ambition and yearning for greater things that WEST SIDE STORY has signified and represented for generations and which GLEE now explores each and every week for a national audience of a new generation. Now, since you come to us for all news and views GLEE-related, BroadwayWorld brings GLEE to you!

Something's Coming .

The actual performance
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