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Funky Photos

From the 1961 film that I've found while trolling online :

title or description
Natalie Wood rehearsing with Dance Captain Tony Mordente

title or description
Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer rehearsing

title or description
The Jets and the Sharks warming up

title or description
The Jets getting silly

title or description
[Archived clipping from "The New York Times". There was some confusion as to who attended the closed ceremony. Sources claimed that Anita and Riff (RIP) had attended but no witnesses came forward to verify. The groom and his best man were also featured in the paper the following day, albeit in a different section of the newspaper.]
Tags: 1961 film, 1961-2011 anniversary celebration, fun stuff, maria, natalie wood, richard beymer, the jets, the sharks, tony
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