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For all you fanfic writers out there...

Fanfiction.net now has character menus in the West Side Story movie section! Huzzah!

(All the named movie characters are included, but funnily enough, Diesel made it in, too. I guess he has crossover appeal. XD)


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Sep. 7th, 2011 02:26 pm (UTC)
That was all my doing! And I decided to be nice and add Diesel to the list too, because I saw some people were writing about him even in the Movie section.

I couldn't figure out what to list Krupke as, though, since he's really a Sergeant even though he's usually called Officer. So I finally decided to abandon all mention of rank for him.
Sep. 7th, 2011 04:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Haha, yeah, the movie section tends to get play-based fanfiction, too, since it's a lot bigger. I'm amused, though, because in the novelization Diesel's still there and Ice is mentioned maybe once. Heh.

I wondered about that! Maybe the gang members just call him Officer Krupke as a general police title, without worrying about his actual rank? Whenever I talk to police officers, I usually just call them Officer, because I can't tell what rank they are, lol. Or maybe it's to make fun of him? Granted, they don't do that for Schrank, but they're a little more wary of him and I doubt he'd let them get away with it, haha.
Sep. 8th, 2011 06:26 pm (UTC)
LOL. That is interesting. I'd thought that both were around equally in the novelization, but then I was only basing that on my scant knowledge of it.

Yeah, I've wondered long and hard about it. I also considered that maybe he was just recently promoted to Sergeant and the Jets can't get out of the habit of calling him Officer. Maybe it is another way of making fun of him. Poor Krupke.

And indeed, Schrank would never let them get away with calling him Officer! I hate to think of them trying it with him. ;)
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