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Top 10 coolest gangs in film

by Beth Naylor

The coolest gangs are calling ... which would you join?

The best films are the ones that make you wish you were in them; the best characters make you wish you knew them. In this list we’re going to count down the Gangs that we all wanted to be in - regardless of criminal affiliations, murderous tendencies and hairy feet. You know the groups I mean: those bands of characters who had the strongest friendships, the most epic experiences, delivered the most outrageous one-liners and triumphed in the face of adversity. Cool is an unquantifiable state, but each of the following ten groups of people have it in spades. There was just too much cool to include here, but these are my personal favourites :

4. The Jets/The Sharks – West Side Story (1961)

The finger-clicking inspiration for the fabulous Cravendale cats, the Sharks and the Jets manage to look badass even while doing pirouettes. Russ Tamblyn and his crew are painfully cool, with their James Dean-esque jacket and jean combos and their quiffs, and George Chakiris is equally brilliant as the leader of the fiery Puerto-Rican Sharks. The high-tension, violent musical was dramatically different from those before it, and the film remains the most critically successful film musical ever, winning an incredible ten Oscars. Perhaps the key reason for the film’s popularity is that we’d love it if everyone started expressing themselves by dancing in the streets. Perhaps it’s the way nobody on either side ever wears the same coloured shirt, ensuring that every dance scene looks like a rainbow has thrown up on screen. Or maybe it’s the secret wish we all have to be part of the gang.
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