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Two Fanfics

I finished the vignette series and started another multi-chapter. Then, while working on that, I got a plunnie for a oneshot that refused to be silent.

Ripples in the Water Twelve years ago, Lieutenant Schrank was mentoring five youths. Now, for some unknown reason, one of them has a vendetta against him and will do anything to see him discredited. But which one is it and what is the reason for the irrational hatred? Incomplete.

An Elusive Link It's late at night and Doc is closing up. Then the door opens and Lieutenant Schrank staggers in, injured and confused. Now Doc must try to keep him calm and find out what happened, if Schrank can retain his scrambled memories long enough. Complete.

I found it really fascinating to write Doc and Schrank interacting.
Tags: doc, fan fiction, lieutenant schrank, officer krupke
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