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Using some of rowan_belle's screenshots, I've been fooling around making icons. All include, or are solely of, Schrank, but other characters are featured too, such as Maria, Baby John, and Krupke. Most are serious, but a few got a bit cracky.

(And I wonder if it would be possible to please get some more character tags added?) Thank you!


The serious:

The crack:

Lyrics on the serious icons are from Blackmore's Night songs. "Wait for the Ricochet" is from Child of Time (an eerily appropriate song) and "And You Tried" is from 25 Years. The small text says "You tried so hard to save me/How do you save someone from themselves?"

And then of course, the crack, courtesy of Michael Jackson's Bad. The coat swish implored me to make that nonsense.
Tags: 1961 film, graphics : icons, lieutenant schrank, officer krupke, the jets

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