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By now, some of you are probably aware that I've been hanging around the Movie category for West Side Story. (I'm the kook who pretty much adores Lieutenant Schrank.) For those who aren't aware, and are interested, this is what I've been coming up with:

The Things You Don't Say Post-movie. A bad storm is the catalyst to throwing two of the most unlikely people together in a car. Maria is still mourning Tony; Lieutenant Schrank is weary from the continuing gang problems.

The Worth of Souls Post-movie. Lieutenant Schrank is shot by a young gang member while trying to break up a rumble. This throws the Jets into an awkward and uncomfortable position and they, as well as Krupke and others, wonder whether Schrank will survive. (This one is not yet complete; I need to put up part 3....)

Running on Empty Lieutenant Schrank is often not the most pleasant person to deal with, if you happen to be in a street gang. But if something absolutely pushed him past the point of endurance, how might he change for the worse?

I'm not sure what the time period is for the last one. But in any case, is it bad that, even though I know Schrank is going too far at points in it, at the same time I kind of like/agree with his approach?
Tags: 1961 film, fan fiction, lieutenant schrank, maria, officer krupke, the jets
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