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i'll let you know when i figure it out.

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Hello! :) I've wandered in and out for almost two years now and thought I might as well de-lurk. My LJ is pretty dead, but I love WSS and I do write movie-based fanfiction under the same penname at fanfiction.net, since the revival wasn't quite my cup of tea. I also make icons, though since I originally made them at 150x150 for FFN, they're a little fuzzy.

And also, I don't know if everyone's seen this, but since it was pretty hard to find for me, I thought I'd share it because it made my life when I first saw it and still does. It's the semi-original Broadway cast performing "Cool" on the Ed Sullivan Show, including Hank Brunjes (as Riff), Tony Mordente, David Winters, Lee Becker Theodore, Tucker Smith, and (I'm almost positive) Carole D'Andrea. Wish I could have seen the whole show back in the day. :)

Tags: 1957 broadway, cool, jerome robbins, peter gennaro, songs, videos
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