Diana (principessadi) wrote in westsidestory,

speaking of Tony...

All this talk about how Tony's SO hot made me remember this. I think Richard Beymer was incredibly adorable in the movie and every production I see of WSS, no matter who the guy is, I always find him extremely attractive.

I'm thinking about this guy again because I've rediscovered my West Side Story obsession that I had when I was about 11.

I went to go see the high school put it on when I was in the 5th grade. The guy who played Tony was excellent and had this tight, curly, blond Justin Guarini head of hair. I never saw him again, but he would come into my store all the time and I'd look at him and think, "That's Tony from West Side Story!" I guess he's 6 or 7 years older than me, so our paths have never crossed in school.

I told my friend at work that one day and that I wanted to say something to him and he said we should put the showtunes album on in the store and try to catch him singing a West Side Story song. Then I could go, "THAT's where I know you from!!!!" haha.

So, this guy's paying and I go, "You're going to think I'm SO scary, but weren't you Tony in West Side Story once?"

The guy looked at me with the most confused expression and was like, "Yeah...about...ten years ago..." I told him I had seen it (obviously) and, "You were GREAT!" The guy just keeps staring at me and goes, "Wow, you have a really good memory. But I have a memory like that, too...I remember random people I see on the subway all the time."

I asked him if he was still performing, and he said he goes on auditions in New York City all the time. I asked if he ever tried out for Rent, because he had a Mark look to him. He said he's auditioned for it a million times but "never got it." (Well, duh, if he HAD I would have said, "OH WOW, aren't you in Rent?" instead of, "You were Tony in OTHS's production of West Side Story ten years ago, weren't you?"

Anyway, he left and he hasn't been in the store since our conversation. I really think I scared him. I was hoping he'd be a good buddy to have around. We could go on road trips together and sing showtunes.

So, here's to the boy who played Tony in my high school's production 10 years ago. Maybe he'll play him in the Broadway revival and I can say I saw him sing "Maria" back when!
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