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Names in the book?

I don't consider the book version of West Side Story to be "canon", since I've heard that so many things concerning the characters' personalities are different from the movie or even the stage play, but I'm wondering if the book gave first names to either or both of the police. I'm finding it a bit awkward in a fanfiction I'm working on to not know given names for either Schrank or Krupke, and I was curious to know if the book version solved that issue. Even though I don't accept the book as canon, it's still, I suppose, one of the official variations on the story, so I would prefer taking names from an official source as opposed to making up my own.

Also, I have to admit that when I read Mr. Laurents' statement about making the 2009 Broadway revival "contemporary", I had the impression that, among other things, he was moving the time period to the present day (which I would find all well and fine). It may have been partly because of that, that in this same fanfiction Krupke has gained a cellphone. It's just in one scene, albeit an important one. But I'm wondering if I am correct in my assumption about the revival being set in the present day. And, regardless of whether I am or not, I'm curious to know: Would it bother anyone for there to be a cellphone in one scene of the fanfiction? I tend to move everything to the present day in my writings unless it's an obvious period piece only and wouldn't work in any other era (like, say, something that takes place during the Revolutionary War). In my opinion, West Side Story could easily work in the present day for a setting.
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