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Just Finished Reading

West Side Story: The Jets, the Sharks, and the Making of a Classic by Richard Barrios


A truly comprehensive look at the making of the film with tons of great photographs as well as information on the 1957 Broadway version and even a short chapter on the 2020 remake.

Fun things I did not know : Susan Oakes (Anybodys) was only 16 at the time of filming and one of the Jet girls was only 14. The cast were such hellions that other directors complained about the noise coming from the set. Robbins completely ignored the fact that film cost money and that led to his being fired.

One of the more interesting bits was the gigantic list of performers who auditioned for Tony and Maria. We've all heard about Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor but who knew about Richard Chamberlain, Doug McClure, Scott Marlowe, Ina Balin, Susan Kohner, Diane Baker... and the list goes on and on with snarky comments from Robert Wise.

A book for hard core fans and really anyone who loves a good movie.
Tags: 1957 broadway, 1961 film, books, remake, reviews
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