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<i>West Side Story</i>, as we all know, is such a beautiful musical, on both stage and screen.  The fact that it's such a great golden oldie-but-keeper of a classic movie musical puts West Side Story in a very special class all by itself.  The people who predicted that there'd never be another film like it were 100% right on their money, because even Steven Spielberg's upcoming re-make of the original 1961 film version of <i>West Side Story</i> will <b>never, ever</b> take the place of the original film, regarding the cast, the cinematography, the costumes, the beautifully-choreographed dancing by the late Jerome Robbins, and the very story itself, as well as the people who created both the original stage play, as well as the original 1961 film version of <i>West Side Story</i> cannot and will not be replaced, because there's <b>only one</b> <i>West Side Story</i>, really....


Now--don't get me wrong.  I'm not against Steve Spielberg per se.  He's done some really good movies.  I'm totally against a re-make of the original 1961 film version of <i>West Side  Story</i> for a number of reasons that will take too long and take up too much space to post on here.  I'm totally against a re-make of the film West Side Story because I'm of the opinion that it should <b>not</b> be re-made by <b>anybody</b>, including Steve Spielberg.   Today's Hollywood should just leave old Hollywood alone.

I looked at the pictures of the cast members, and possible cast members of Spielberg's upcoming <i>West Side Story</i> re-make, and was admittedly not pleased.  Every single one of the cast that has either already been chosen for the new <i>West Side Story</i>, or may possibly be picked for the re-make of the film version of WSS looks totally vapid, and lacks charm and believability.  All of the above having been said, I plan on boycotting the re-make of the film <i>West Side Story</i>, because the original one is too special for me, and is too much of a special class by itself to justify a re-make.  I am also against a re-make of the 1961 film version of West Side Story due to my intense love for this movie, which is my all time favorite, hands down.


Some people claim that if the stage version can be re-made with different people, then so can a movie.  I disagree wholeheartedly with that viewpoint.  Live theatre and film are two completely different mediums.  It's easier to re-create and re-create a stage version by getting different people, because stage productions consist of real live people, and, due to the much narrower focus that a live stage production produces, it takes more effort to maintain the wave of communication between the actors/actresses on stage than is required by film.  Unlike live stage theatre, film demands the audience's attention by looming up larger than life-size on the screen.  That being said, a movie is what it is, and West Side Story, as a movie-musical, is no exception!




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Jan. 5th, 2019 08:20 am (UTC)
You know there are no cast members other than Elgort and Moreno. Anyone else mentioned is mere speculation by people not associated with the project.

And btw, LJ will let you change your name - you don't have to create a whole new account.

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Apr. 13th, 2019 01:31 pm (UTC)
They're slowly adding on new cast characters.
The two cast members for Ofcr. Krupke and Lt. Schrank were just added, although the names of the cast members escape me at the moment.

Come to think of it, as much as I'm anti-re-make when it comes to older classic movies, especially West Side Story, I think that the search engines should be configured in such a way that they give much more weight to the original 1961 film version of WSS, instead of tilting it totally in favor of the re-make. West Side Story fans should also be given a choice as to which of the two versions of the film West Side Story that they wish to see.

That being said, I believe that a national re-release of the original 1961 film version of West Side Story, or at least periodical re-releases nation-wide of the original film, in movie theaters nation-wide, should also occur, along with the showing of the re-make, so that the re-make of it doesn't always end up at the top of the list.

Having said all of the above, it would be good if people who have a preference for the old, original 1961 film version of West Side Story also have the option of seeing it in the movie theaters, instead of just having to see it on TV, video, DVD, Blu-Ray, or Netflix (which, btw, doesn't stream WSS anymore).

Frankly, I think that the idea that these elaborate, expensive home theatres are the equivalent to the experience of seeing a great classic film on a great big, wide screen in a real movie theatre, with the lights down low is a lot of bunk. One is not nearly the same as the other, no matter what people claim.

As I've pointed out, I do not share in all the optimism and excitement over Steven Spielberg's upcoming re-boot of the 1961 film version of West Side Story, nor do I plan on going to see it when it hits the movie theaters sometime next year. If other people think I'm an old grouch, a stick-in-the-mud, a bigot, or a curmudgeon, so be it!

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Jan. 5th, 2019 04:31 pm (UTC)
You're right, Petzipellepingo.
I know that there are no other definite cast members besides Elgort and Moreno. However, there are some other people whose names I mentioned seem to have a pretty good chance of getting selected.

As a devout fan of the original 1961 film version of West Side Story, however, I'm admittedly not at all on board about the upcoming re-make of it, even though Steve Spielberg's at the helm, as you and others on here are aware of, and I plan on boycotting it. But my opinion's just a drop in the bucket, if one gets the drift.
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