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Thoughts On A Possible Remake

I've been thinking a lot about the possibility of a remake lately. ... Spielberg has said he'd like to do one although not until 2019. So it may or may not happen but I have some thoughts on the subject Steven, are you listening?.

1. Make the cast ethnically appropriate. No Russians, Greeks, Asians, etc. And while you're at it, let the Sharks speak Spanish. All you have to do is add nice clear subtitles.

2. Make the cast age appropriate. While Rita Moreno was a wonderful Anita, she was also 30 years old. They are supposed to be people in their late teens which is why they behave so stupidly. And while you're at it, don't choose people from the latest teen flick or television show, some nice talented unknowns from the theater community who can do their own dancing and singing would be wonderful.

3. It's a period piece, leave it as a period piece. I've seen people talk about updating it and making the story about Muslims, etc. If that's the case why would they be singing about Puerto Rico. If you alter the songs, then it isn't West Side Story. Leonard Bernstein is dead and Stephen Sondheim is busy doing his own thing, and no tinkering with the material - Lin Miranda I'm looking at you.

4. Anything post-rumble has to look post-rumble. If you watch the rumble scene you can see that they are beating the daylights out of each other and yet the only one who has a boo boo on his face is Chino. If you watch Cool none of the Jets have a scratch on them. The theater productions can manage to make the cast look like they've been beaten up. Look at Grant Gustin from the 2010 National Tour :

 photo 152015grantgustin_zpskdhd2naj.jpg

And on that subject, there's Tony. He's been shot and dies and when they pick him up off the playground there's no blood on the pavement, no blood on Tony or Maria. Did Chino shoot him with a water pistol. I'm not asking for buckets of blood but I think a little red would make everything seem more tragic.


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Mar. 15th, 2017 12:59 am (UTC)
A re-make of the Classic film "West Side Story' would cut the heart and soul right out of it.
Frankly, I think that a re-make of the classic film "West Side Story", by anybody, including Steve Spielberg, would be a disaster, because it would just cut the heart and soul right out of it. Some classics are what they are and should be left alone, and West Side Story is definitely one of them. Steve Spielberg has done some wonderfully awesome films, for which I give him lots of credit, but I really think that if he has as much affection for the film West Side Story as he claims to have, the best way for Steve Spielberg to display his affection for this great golden oldie-but-keeper of a classic film is to leave well enough alone! West Side Story should NOT be re-made. It's too much in a special class by itself, because of all the subtleties in it, and making it into something that's more blatant would be wrong for it.

Also, with a re-make, the romantic scenes between Anita and Bernardo, as well as Tony and Maria, would be much steamier and more explicitly sexual, and the skirmishes between the Jets and Sharks on the playground, as well as the Rumble itself, would be much more graphic. During the Rumble, the Jets and Sharks would more than likely be using high-powered, high-tech automatic weapons (i. e. guns) to shoot each other, rather than fisticuffs and/or switchblade knives, thereby resulting in more deaths on both sides, and rendering the Rumble even bloodier.

The language would be even "bluer", and the police even harsher and more violent, and their prejudices towards both gangs, especially the Puerto Rican Sharks, would be expressed in even more blatant, vicious manners and terms.

More to the point, the intensely brilliant Bernstein musical score would be rendered into sort of a hip-hop, rap kind of score, and the dancing would be likewise. A more up to date re-make of the film West Side Story would be a junky, hip-hop rap oriented, hyped up film, with much "blue" language, and overly graphic. I'm admittedly no stranger to "blue" language, but it would be totally inappropriate for a film such as West Side Story. Steve Spielberg, and to anybody else out there listening: LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE, and don't even THINK of re-making and messing with a great classic! THANKS.!@
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