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Help Us Bringing West Side Story to Jakarta!

The rising violence rate over the cultural, social, and political prejudices that are happening around us has become a backdrop of our society, and as a community that celebrates the diversity of its elements want to speak out against that. And what better way to do that than through something that we are equally passionate about, which is performing arts?

West Side Story is a classic musical about love and the consequences of falling in love in a world full of prejudice and hate.

On the harsh street of the Upper West Side of New York City, an ethnic blue-collar neighborhood, two delinquent street gangs are battling for control of the turf. The Sharks; a gang full of immigrants from Puerto Rico, are taunted by the Jets; the white gang. The situation becomes more complicated when former leader of the Jets falls in love with the Sharks leader's sister.

Despite being set an ocean away in New York City, the story is something that the young people of Indonesia can relate to. Therefore, we feel that it is a perfect platform to convey our message of peace through something that is very close to us, as performers and audience alike.

Please help donate! We are live NOW in Kickstarter
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