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West Side Story vs. Real Life:

At a community get-together tonight that took place in memory of a neighbor who'd unexpectedly passed away, we began sharing stories, not only about our beloved neighbor, but some rather intense, but sometimes necessary discussions about leaving this earth, its implications, and how it related to our recently-deceased neighbor. I was up fairly early last Thursday morning, when a long-time friend of mine in our community called me at about 8:20 in the morning. When the phone rang, I picked it up and said "hello", as I usually do.
Our conversation went something liked this:

Me: Hello!
"Aileen":'s "Aileen"
Me: What's up?
'Aileen": I have something important to tell you. It's very sad.
Me: What happened?
"Aileen": Betsy was found dead in her loft this morning.
Me: Oh, no! Ohhhhh...S**t.
'Aileen": It was quite unexpected. One of the maintenance guys found her, looking very much at peace.
Me: I'm so sorry that happened.

It was rather unnerving to hear about our neighbor's unexpected passing. On Thursday evening, at the advice of a neighbor and the manager of our complex, I took the staircase up to my apartment, instead of waiting for the elevator, due to the awful stench that was coming from our neighbor's apartment, had dinner, showered, shampooed, and then settled in to watch the TCM airing of the film West Side Story.

Tonight, while we were all at the get-together, sharing our stories about our neighbor, one thing occurred to me: That watching West Side Story was probably my way of subconsciously dealing with stuff like this, since West Side Story is about all kinds of things that, in real life, all too often lead up to death: Racial & Ethnic hatred and prejudice, gang warfare, arrogance, hubris, and gratuitous violence. As another neighbor put it to me several years ago, when I was just about to attend a showing of the film not far from where I live: West Side Story, although it's fiction, is closer to reality in certain respects. I immediately thought that there was some truth to what my neighbor was saying, and it's something I've retained in my memory to this day.
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