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Cinderella, West Side Story & More That Should Be Turned Into Live Action TV Musicals

by Chloe Melas

‘The Wiz,’ ‘The Sound of Music,’ and ‘Peter Pan’ have all been made into Live action shows on NBC and with Fox’s ‘Grease’, it’s time to make a list of other iconic musicals that should be adapted for TV!

Our heads are still spinning from the success of The Wiz Live which aired on Dec. 4, it was unbelievable. The talent was just overflowing and each performance became more jaw dropping. But this got us thinking about all of our others favorite musicals like West Side Story and My Fair Lady, that should totally be made into live action TV specials!

West Side Story, is such an iconic musical, with a backdrop of NYC in the 50s. Imagine that as a modern day musical with perhaps Nick Jonas as Tony and Victoria Justice as Maria? Just a thought. But it would be the perfect musical that everyone could relate to, we’ve all fought for love at some point or another. The musical numbers alone, “Maria,” “Tonight,” and “I Feel Pretty” are just a few that we would all be bopping along to from the comfort of our couches.

Can we please talk about, My Fair Lady? We would love to see Eliza Doolittle on TV in a live action musical! It made its Broadway debut in 1956 and ended up having the longest run in theatre history! We think Emily Blunt would be perfect for this role! Plus, wouldn’t you love to see Bye Bye Birdie adapted for TV? We think Emma Stone could take on the role as Kim MacAfee!



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Feb. 10th, 2016 08:43 pm (UTC)
I'm not so sure about that!
Look what happened with Ben Affleck's 5.5 year old movie, "The Town" when they cast a whole bunch of people who starred in various TV programs! It turned out to be kind of a disaster! I know this is somewhat off-topic, but the movie "The Town" turned out, imho, to be more like a feature-length, cartoon like, made-for-TV soap opera than a regular movie.

Having said the above, I think well enough should be left alone.
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