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The Somewhere Project

Explore West Side Story

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Somewhere Project: A West Side Story Companion course. This eight-part interactive course explores the music, dance, drama, social issues, and other artistic elements of West Side Story, hosted and explained by some of the world’s foremost experts on the subject, including conductor Marin Alsop, Leonard Bernstein’s daughter Jamie Bernstein, theater director Amanda Dehnert, and more. This course is free of charge and gives you the unique opportunity to participate in The Somewhere Project from anywhere around the globe.

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As you learn about the history and social issues of West Side Story, you’ll also be able to engage with the work. In each section, experts will give you specific challenges to put this masterpiece of musical theater into creative action. Whether it’s filming your own audition video, creating your own work of art that tackles a social issue, or exploring some suggested readings, you will be inspired as you join individuals around the world to embrace the vision of “a place for us.”

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Highlights of the course include:

Origins with Jamie Bernstein

Hosted by Leonard Bernstein’s daughter, this section focuses on the context for West Side Story and the process the authors undertook to create this work and how it all came together.

Impact with Charles Burchell

Cultural diplomat Charles Burchell takes you through some of the ins-and-outs of trying to create social change through art.

Music with Marin Alsop

The timeless music of West Side Story marries an incredible variety of influences to invigorating rhythms, soaring melodies, and colorful orchestration. Leonard Bernstein's protégé and Music Director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Marin Alsop takes you through the music.

Performance with Leslie Stifelman and Melissa Rae Mahon

The Music Director of Chicago: The Musical Leslie Stifelman teams up with one of its star performers Melissa Rae Mahon to talk about the challenges of performing and auditioning for a musical like West Side Story.

Dance with Julio Monge

Julio Monge, a former student of Jerome Robbins and Broadway performer and choreographer, explores the inspiration for some of the dance moves in West Side Story, and demonstrates how the dance serves to bring the story to life.

Drama with Amanda Dehnert

Northwestern University Professor and acclaimed director Amanda Dehnert, who will be directing Carnegie Hall's performance of West Side Story this coming March, explains the elements of the script that make this work so dramatic and compelling.
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