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West Side Story books

So I fell out of the loop on movie-related books. Amazon sent me an email this morning that included the one called West Side Story as Cinema: The Making and Impact of an American Masterpiece. Can anyone tell me if there's any information in it regarding Simon Oakland being cast/his performance as Lieutenant Schrank/etc.? Or if any of the books touch on that, like the one told by many of the surviving cast members? I own two other books, Something's Coming, Something Good, which ended up being more about the play than the film, and the one from the Music on Film series, which, while about the film, wasn't helpful towards the angle I was after.

I did find the snippet about the "As Cinema" book in the Book tag here about Schrank being supposed to "song-talk" during the Tonight ensemble, which was very interesting! I saw the notation of Schrank's part in the song in the copy of the script that came with the DVD, but I don't recall it mentioning he would have talked rather than sung. (Simon Oakland could sing, incidentally. I know from a brief snippet in a Bonanza episode, of all things.)
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