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Icons and three more colorbars!

Some of them are just a little different take on the same icon... But anyways...

1-Baby John Colorbar
1-Jet Colorbar
1-Shark Colorbar
1-Riff Icon
1-Bernardo Icon
1-Baby John Icon
2-Anita Icons
3-Ice Icons
=3 colorbars and 8 icons, and a major pain in the butt for dial up people like me. lol.

Baby John is far too innocent love.

The Sharks are "immigrant" love.

The Jets are "all the way" love.

1. Image hosted by
2. Image hosted by
3. Image hosted by
4. Image hosted by
5. Image hosted by
6. Image hosted by
7. Image hosted by
8. Image hosted by

No hotlinking, because it makes me as crazy as Action. Comment and credit.
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