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Hal Prince Discusses Stage To Screen Adaptations & WEST SIDE STORY

by Pat Cerasaro

Legendary director Harold Prince opens up about the differences between stage and screen adaptations in a new interview clip now available to view.

"I think you should take a musical in the theatre and analyze what you can do in the theatre better and more different than what they can do on film or on television," Prince asserts.

"Musicals don't necessarily make good movies because of the nature of what the stage is," Prince adds.

Prince continues of movie musicals, "It's an invitation for the audience to imagine a lot of things that you can't do in the theatre."

Furthermore, Prince says, "When you see a movie, it's all there. And, it tests a little the concept of people opening their mouths and singing."

"That's why WEST SIDE STORY is such an extraordinary accomplishment, on film, as well. But, SOUND OF MUSIC is the best of them," Prince concludes.
Tags: 1961 film, hal prince, interviews

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