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West Side Story--Under the Stars-for Free:

On Augst 20th, 2014 as the final stint of Boston's annual Movies by Moonlight program, at the Harbor Hotel, at Rowes Wharf, on Boston Harbor, the film West Side Story was played, outdoors, right by the water, on a rather large, inflatable screen. My friend and I drove to downtown Boston, found a decent parking space, and walked the few minutes over to where the movie was to be played. It was a beautiful, but chilly fall-like day, and the evening was likewise, with no rain or anything. The weather was perfect, despite the chill in the air. We got there early, staked out our table right by the water, with a good view of the movie screen, sat, talked, and then ordered good seafood dinners for ourselves. The movie was free, so I treated my friend and myself to a good dinner.

Despite the chilly weather and sea-breeze, there was a good crowd, many of whom opted to sit on the stairs, or on the concert barge, as well as nearby cafe tables, to watch the film. Although this particular screening of West Side Story, regrettably, wasn't as clear and pristine as other renditions of West Side Story that my friend and I had seen, we both enjoyed it immensely, given the fact that West Side Story is West Side Story, which is still a great film, all around, imho.

West Side Story is a fabulous classic movie to begin with, so when West Side Story was shown at Boston Harbor, having the sights and sounds of the city in the background, especially at night, added a whole other dimension to an already-great film. This was not the first time I'd seen the film West Side Story in an outdoor setting. It was like being in a movie theatre, only it was outdoors.

The smell of the salt air was also wonderful, and it whetted our appetites and interests, as well. One of these days, if drive-ins (which, sadly, for the most part, have gone dark), ever make a comeback, I'd love to see the film West Side Story at a 100 or so foot long and wide movie screen at a drive-in. If that were to happen (who knows--it might someday.), I would so be there, if one gets the drift! That, too, would be fabulous, as West Side Story cries out to be viewed on a great big, wide movie screen, whether indoors or out. Since the east coast, including Boston, however, has a colder climate than the west coast, however, the drive-in season is probably way shorter.

Seeing a movie like West Side Story outdoors, especially in an urban setting, is fabulous, but there's one big disadvantage: If it rains, rather than just merely sprinkling from time to time, the screening has to be cancelled, and with good reason; there'd be too much risk of the projectionist and the people who inflated the screen getting electrocuted.

So, my friend and I had a wonderful evening, and a memorable one, at that. Here's hoping for another one like it some day. Maybe it'll be at a drive-in movie! Eh...who knows?
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