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Experience the passion of a cast of emerging professionals who will take you on a flight of emotions with Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, and Jerome Robbin's classic 'WEST SIDE STORY'.

The knock-out cast, crew and orchestra.....
at the Woodstock Playhouse
July 31 - August 10 Th-Sat at 8pm, Sun at 2pm
Tickets 24/7

 photo 152014wsswoodstock8_zps7576ff2e.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock1_zps2514baf2.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock4_zps93bdf8c1.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock6_zps2ff720b7.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock9_zps631c073f.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock7_zps5930308b.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock3_zps9e1c43f0.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock5_zps069d0233.jpg

 photo 152014wsswoodstock2_zps059cbc01.jpg
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    Happy Birthday to ozma914. Best wishes for a wonderful day today and an even better year ahead.

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    Happy Birthday to Arthur Laurents

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    I've been reading The Leonard Bernstein Letters and while there really isn't much in letter form due to the fact that the foursome worked together…

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