petzipellepingo (petzipellepingo) wrote in westsidestory,

More photos from the recent Wichita production :

 photo 152014wsswichita1_zpseceb7bd4.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita2_zps28334912.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita3_zps5e2a3290.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita4_zps9b63dca8.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita5_zpse2fb21ee.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita6_zpsccfece75.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita7_zps225d12ae.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita8_zps3d8e3721.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita9_zpsbac970c3.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita10_zps3dfba132.jpg

 photo 152014wsswichita11_zpsb2a46846.jpg
Tags: ali ewoldt, productions, ryan vasquez

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