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All 85 Best Picture Oscar Winners Ranked
Some movies are The Godfather, and some are Crash.

58. West Side Story (1961)

Directed by: Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins
Written by: Ernest Lehman
The other Oscars it won: Wise and Robbins (Best Director); George Chakiris (Best Supporting Actor); Rita Moreno (Best Supporting Actress); Daniel L. Fapp (Best Cinematography – Color); Boris Leven and Victor A. Gangelin (Best Art Direction – Color); Irene Sharaff (Best Costume Design – Color); Thomas Stanford (Best Film Editing); Saul Chaplin, Johnny Green, Sid Ramin, and Irwin Kostal (Best Score – Musical); Fred Hynes, Todd-AO Sound Department, Gordon E. Sawyer, Samuel Goldwyn Studio Sound Department (Best Sound)
What it beat for Best Picture: Fanny, The Guns of Navarone, The Hustler, Judgment at Nuremberg

When I imagine people yelling at me in the comments section of this list, I feel that West Side Story might be among the yelliest. Rita Moreno is exciting, and steals the movie. The dancing is unparalleled. And the music is — well, it’s the magical music from West Side Story! But Natalie Wood is terrible, so is Richard Beymer, and this movie is not the way you might remember it in your mind. Also, Judgment at Nuremberg is one of my favorites.


I'd take this ranking with a grain of salt, he picked All About Eve as No. 1



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Mar. 3rd, 2014 03:13 pm (UTC)
Hey, Petzi! Thanks for the link regarding the 85 top movie Oscars!
There are some really good ones on that list that really and truly deserved the Academy Awards that they won, including Best Picture, but there are quite afew on that list that I've never seen, so I can't really compare all of them.

I'm also happy that West Side Story was on the list, although I do wish it had been somewhat higher on the list. Natalie Wood, imo, did okay as Maria, but Richard Beymer...well; I learned afew things not that long ago that made me a bit more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt;

A) Robert Wise put some directorial constraints on Richard Beymer, since he wanted Beymer to play a "soft", reformed gangster. Richard Beymer was disappointed that he wasn't allowed to play the role of a Tony with a little more of an "edge" to him, and he even walked out of the Premiere of the film version of West Side Story because he was so disappointed.

B) Natalie Wood made no secret of her hostility and resentment towards Beymer, and, in fact, tried to get him kicked off the set on several occasions, which pained him a lot. (Later, however, Beymer saw Natalie Wood in a California diner, approached her and found her attractive, and they ultimately made up after that.)

C) The way that the scripts in both the original Broadway stage production AND the film version of West Side Story were written also played a substantial role in why Tony wasn't a much stronger character, with more of an "edge" to him.

D) Elvis Presley, believe it or not, was the first person that Robert Wise approached for the role of Tony in the film version of West Side Story, but, due to an overly controlling manager, Elvis Presley was forced to turn that part down. Elvis Presley is said to have regretted turning down the role of Tony in West Side Story when the film became a hit.

While it's true that Elvis Presley, unlike Richard Beymer, had both the looks AND the personality of a "tough-but-tender" reformed gangster, as well as the singing voice, one also has to ask him or herself how well Elvis Presley's heavy-duty Southern United States accent would've gone over, and how well he would've really done given the part of Tony,

Would the character of Tony been brought straight to the Heavens, or would the film version of West Side Story simply been rendered into "just another" Elvis Presley movie? We'll never know, will we?

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