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George Chakiris to Host Miami City Ballet's West Side Story

Academy Award and Golden Globe Winner, George Chakiris, is headed to Miami to host the Miami City Ballet for West Side Story.

The Miami City Ballet is performing West Side Story Suites, which of course was choreographed by Jerome Robbins. George is so thrilled and honored to be their host for the evening, out of respect for this beautiful company, and very strongly out of his respect for Jerry Robbins. ...It was Jerry who cast him in the London production of WSS with Chita Rivera, where he played Riff, AS WELL AS in the film, where he played Bernardo. He loved and worship Jerry, and he feels that he owes him everlasting thanks and gratitude for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime.

George says that Being there as host for the Miami City Ballet for West Side Story will be like being there with Jerry, and another opportunity to express his love and gratitude to this extraordinary man.
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