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Hear ye! Hear ye!

Attention, Boston-area West Side Story fans:

The Boston Symphony Orchestra/West Side Story (film) concert here in Boston will be coming up next month. (Feb 14th-16th), at Symphony Hall here in Boston. I believe there are still some tickets left. (I've already bought mine well in advance, for myself, family and friends. As much as I love West Side Story, I'll be attending all three shows!). The BSO/WSS concerts here in Boston are Friday, Feb. 14th and Saturday, Feb. 15th, at 8:00 p.m. and on Sunday, Feb. 16th, at 3:00 p. m.

It's strongly recommended that anybody interested in this concert go over to the Symphony Hall Box office in person to buy tickets for this event, thereby avoiding online service fees that can up the price of your ticket(s) considerably, however. Good luck, and prepare for a fun-filled evening, with a live rendition of the brilliant Leonard Bernstein musical score to the film version of West Side Story, plus a digitally-restored, high-definition, re-mastered, reprinted and cleaned-up version of the film West Side Story along with it!

Symphony Hall is right at the corner of Mass. Ave and Huntington Ave., here in Boston, and is readily accessible via public transportation. Parking can be tough, so I wouldn't recommend driving down there.

Hope I've been of some help here.

p. s. Please note: I attended the BSO/West Side Story concert out in Tanglewood last July, and loved every minute of it!

I'm going again, partly because of my intense love for West Side Story, and partly because I enjoyed the Tanglewood concert so much!
Tags: 1961 film, leonard bernstein, music
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