January 29th, 2018

  • mapol

A Remake of the 1961 film West Side Story--Opinions from a Naysayer:

The upcoming re-make of the 1961 film West Side Story has been talked about for some time, and I have to admit that, for all kinds of reasons, I am extremely opposed to a re-make of the film West Side Story. Some people claim, with good reason, that a re-make of the film West Side Story, by anybody, including Steven Spielberg, would be like re-making Gone With the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Wizard of Oz, Midnight Cowboy, or any of those other extremely popular classic films. These classic films (although Gone With The Wind is definitely no favorite of mine.), including and especially West Side Story, are extraordinarily iconic and stand as movies all by themselves, each with their very own individuality and style. Why should anybody, including a guy like Steve Spielberg, a competent director/producer of film, be trusted not to re-make a special classic film such as West Side Story that's extraordinarily special and iconic? They shouldn't, imho. Collapse )