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January 25th, 2018

Steven Spielberg Eyes Indiana Jones & ‘West Side Story’ Atop Next Directing Vehicles

by Mike Fleming Jr

EXCLUSIVE: Hot off directing back to back pictures in the Oscar contender The Post and the upcoming Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg is now figuring out his next two directorial vehicles. There are several percolating, but sources say he is eyeing Indiana Jones, and then would either precede or follow quickly with another pic. I’m hearing that one might be his dream project, a new version of West Side Story. Spielberg’s camp had no comment on his plans.
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See Who’s Joining Ali Ewoldt, Matthew Hydzik, and Natalie Cortez in West Side Story Concerts
The Leonard Bernstein classic will be presented in March in California.

By Andrew Gans

The McCallum Theatre will present a concert production of West Side Story March 9 at 8 PM, March 10 at 2 PM and 8 PM, and March 11 at 2 PM and 7 PM in Palm Desert, California.

Produced and directed by Chad Hilligus, the concerts will feature a 40-piece orchestra conducted by Grammy winner Richard Kaufman.
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