November 14th, 2017

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West Side Story: A Classic Movie-Musical that's full of its Own Captivating Personality:

Every time I see the movie West Side Story, listen to the soundtrack of either the film version or the original Broadway stage version, or view and/or listen to youtube videos of West Side Story, either here on West Side Story/Livejournal, or on youtube itself, it brings me to the realization that this dynamic classic movie-musical has something else that's very different from many, if not most, or all other musicals: Its very individual personality.Collapse )
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Why See Los Angeles Philharmonic: West Side Story?

The iconic movie in concert experience!

The musical that perfectly demonstrates the passions and tensions of the American dream comes to life this fall , in a specially remastered screening at Walt Disney Concert Hall! Having digitally removed the majestic Leonard Bernstein score from the movie and transplanted below to the professional performance of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, get lost in the magic of the ground-breaking movie that changed musical theater forever. This special performance will be conducted by movie composer David Newman, who scored The War of the Roses, Matilda, Bowfinger, and Heathers and Serenity.
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