October 23rd, 2017

  • mapol

West Side Story--Why I wish the film would come to the Boston, MA area, or relatively close:

West Side Story, as a movie-musical, is irresistible to me. As I've pointed out in some other posts of mine here, I never get tired of seeing it over and over and over again, and there's something about West Side Story as a movie-musical that seems to beckon me every time it comes around, or is about to come to our general neck of the woods.

Perhaps it's the very story behind West Side Story, where a romance develops between a boy and a girl from two different backgrounds and different communities, amid the warring conflict between two urban gangs--one white ethnic (continental United States-born) Jets, and the newly arrived Puerto Rican Sharks on 1950's-1960's New York City's (i. e. Manhattan's) West Side, who are brought together by overt disapproval and tribal/ethnic loyalties of both the Jets and the Sharks, and yet that same romance ultimately going up in smoke due to these same overt hostilities, friendships, as well as gang/ethnic loyalties of both gangs.Collapse )