June 14th, 2017

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West Side Story: A Real Charmer, as it always has been;

West Side Story, as I've mentioned in other diaries about it, has always been in a special class by itself, on both stage and screen. Yet, I have to admit, that although I've seen a number of good stage productions of this wonderful musical that I've liked a great deal, I do tend to lean more towards the movie version. As a classic film, West Side Story still stands out, and is one of the few older classic films that doesn't seem somewhat frayed around the edges. Sure, there are a number of classic films, and even some newer films as well, that I've liked well enough to see more than once, but even most of the other older classic films, even the ones I've liked quite well, do seem somewhat frayed around the edges, if one gets the drift. Unlike West Side Story, most of the older classic films I can just take or leave. Unlike with West Side Story, I wouldn't make special road trips to neighboring states, or even the opposite end of the Bay State specially to go see a screening of most older classicsCollapse )
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West Side Story dances on

Inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story marks its 60th anniversary this year but its cast says its tragic tale of teenage love is just as relevant today as when it was first staged in 1957.

Centering around doomed lovers Tony and Maria, who find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter feud between rival street gangs, the popular musical takes place on the mean streets of 1950s New York.
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Silent, colour 8mm home movies shot behind the scenes of the filming of WEST SIDE STORY. Included are many of the songs and also included is a comparison of the film and the behind-the-scenes footage. What the cast can be seen doing at 2:53 is a "rain dance". They would do rain dances in order to stop filming to rest. Eventually they were told to stop because it actually worked!