June 5th, 2017

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West Side Story--As relevant today as it was when it first came out:

West Side Story, which has always been in a special class by itself, due at least in big part, not only to the subject matter, but in how the subject matter is dealt with. The fact that West Side Story's various emotions are expressed in the form of beautifully-choreographed (by the late Jerome Robbins(, and very powerful dancing, plus the intensely brilliant Leonard Bernstein musical score, plus the very special cast, all serve to put West Side Story in such a special class. It's like no other musical, really.Collapse )
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Cleveland Orchestra closes season in style with spectacular 'West Side Story' film presentation

By Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer ,

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Call it unorthodox. Call it populist. Just don't call the Cleveland Orchestra's season finale anything less than spectacular.

Sure, by performing "West Side Story" live with the film, the orchestra is breaking a few tired, unwritten rules. Instead of its traditional subscription brochure, the orchestra is taking a page out of its "At the Movies" pamphlet.

But who cares? The reward justifies the risk. Any number of core classical works might have filled the season finale slot, but the fact is "West Side Story" suits the occasion perfectly, better than just about anything else.
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