July 19th, 2016

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Onstage & Backstage: Which Annie Author Starred in the Original West Side Story?

By Seth Rudetsky

Last week, I was contacted by the BBC because they’re doing a piece on West Side Story, and they wanted me to do a panel with various cast members. I booked guests on my SiriusXM radio show “Seth Speaks” and had them film it. It went so great! I had original cast member Martin Charnin (Big Deal), replacement original cast member Harvey Evans who then did the film (Gee-Tar and, in the film, Mouthpiece), Liza Gennaro (daughter of Peter who did all the Latin dances in the show), Jim Borstelman (swing in Jerome Robbins Broadway), Scott Wise (Riff in Jerome Robbins Broadway, Tony Award!) and Andrea Burns from On Your Feet, who danced as a Shark Girl and then took over as Maria in productions throughout America and Europe.

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Martin Charnin, Jim Borstelman, Scott Wise, Seth Rudetsky, Harvey Evans and Liza Gennaro

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