July 16th, 2016

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Gustavo Dudamel's Hollywood Bowl 'West Side Story' is a story for right now

Mark Swed, Music Critic

Of “West Side Story’s” many Broadway musical innovations, the least noticed may be the role of the conductor. In the first of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s two performances of Leonard Bernstein’s complete score at the Hollywood Bowl Thursday night, Gustavo Dudamel was noticed.

He led an enthrallingly energized performance that nevertheless recognized the profoundly dark and spiritual underside of a 1957 show in which there is a lot going on. Thematically, this update of “Romeo and Juliet” to a then-gang-ridden Upper West Side of Manhattan has never not been timely. The composer penciled over the top of his copy of Shakespeare’s play: “An out and out plea for racial tolerance.”

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