June 11th, 2016

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Karen Olivo, Jeremy Jordan & More to Lead WEST SIDE STORY in Concert at The Hollywood Bowl

by Tyler Peterson

The Hollywood Bowl has enlisted some top Broadway talent for the Los Angeles Master Chorale's upcoming concert presentations of WEST SIDE STORY this summer.

Conducted by Gustavo Dudamel on July 14 and July 19, the cast will feature Jeremy Jordan as Tony and Karen Olivo as Anita, who won a Tony Award for her take on the role in the 2009 Broadway revival.
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The Oscar-Winning Musical Chris Evans Would Love To Remake

By Conner Schwerdtfeger

His work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has kept him insanely busy over the last few years, but Chris Evans hasn’t slowed down one bit. Sure, he makes a great Captain America, but he has ambitions outside of the superhero genre that even we could not have anticipated. What sorts of projects do superheroes pine for when not wearing their tights? As it turns out, Chris Evans has a dream project rooted firmly in the colorful world of Broadway, as he wants to be a part of a hypothetical West Side Story remake.
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West Side Story (the 1961 Film version): A potential for uniting baby boomers and millennials;

From research that I've recently done, there are many younger people, as well as baby-boomers that like the 1961 film West Side Story a great deal, as well. If West Side Story were to be re-made as a more up to-date movie, it would not only be fraught with steamier and more explicitly sexual romantic relationships, but the fights between the Sharks and the Jets would be undoubtedly more graphic and bloodier, the language much "bluer", and the use of guns, rather than fisticuffs and switchblade knives would be present in the rumble, and more people would be killed. In addition, the police, as in real life, would be more militarized, and the musical score would undoubtedly be a cheaper, junkier, schmaltzier form of the original musical score, or a more hip-hop, rap-type version of it.

Having said all of the above, if we wish to unite the baby-boomers and the millennials in their liking of West Side Story and other great classic films, is not by re-making them, but to have more frequent re-releases of such films back into the movie theatres, including both the few independent repertory movie theatres and the multiplex cinemas alike. Having some of these great old classic films, including West Side Story (the 1961 film) would, I believe, undoubtedly draw more people back to the movie theatres, by reducing the amount of rudeness in the form of cellphone use/texting, talking during films and distracting people who've paid good money to come and see them in the movie theatre, plus the fact that many of these good old classic movies, including West Side Story, Lawrence of Arabia and many others, have become available in Hi-Def DVD for movie theatres, as well.

All of the above having been said, I cannot think of a better way to introduce the film West Side Story to today's younger generations, especially because it's such a rare and special classic in itself.