March 9th, 2016

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Theater Sings Louder Than Screams of Hate; Somewhere Project's 'West Side Story'

Steve Schonberg

Theater can sing louder than hate can scream, and by doing so it speaks volumes. If theater is a reflection of our society, the Somewhere Project's take on the classic musical, West Side Story this past weekend, provides hope that there can be peace if only we ask what it means universally to be human, instead of reinforcing the labels that make us different. The production was perfectly timed, as voters pour their fears into politicians who tell them how so many "outsiders" are ruining our country. But, almost 60 years after West Side Story first premiered (1957), this thrilling new production by Carnegie Hall's Weil Music Institute reminds us that we've faced these serious cultural challenges before in many forms. Yet we continue to evolve, and incredibly, theater can simultaneously represent and inspire change.

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