July 30th, 2014

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24 Hours With
A Broadway Actress

As told to Blake Ellis

Life as a Broadway actress is never dull.

Ali Ewoldt's days consist of voice lessons, auditions, rehearsals, performances and the anxiety of not knowing when she'll land her next gig.

She has worked as an actress for eight years -- performing in musicals (her biggest role was playing Cosette in Les Miserables on Broadway), as well as plays, movies and TV shows.

Because of the unpredictable nature of her work, Ewoldt earns more than $100,000 some years and scrapes by on less than $30,000 during others. No matter how much she earns acting, she tries to live frugally and takes on side jobs like babysitting to tuck away as much money as possible.

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This month, she left Manhattan for her latest gig: a 2-week stint in Kansas playing Maria, the female lead in West Side Story.
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