August 3rd, 2012

west side story by pleasant_valley

Best Opening Musical Scenes!

In light of the amazing opening of Step Up 4 we look at other amazing musical opening sequences:

West Side Story

‘Click, click, click, click…’ Who can forget the prologue to West Side Story? Never has gang violence been so elegant and expressively choreographed. A simmering tension between gang rivals, the Jets and the Sharks builds to a crescendo amid pas de deux, plie, and furious jazz hands, making for one of the most bizarrely accurate depictions of inner-city turf war of its time. As relevant today as it was over four decades ago, West Side Story tells a tale of territorial human nature that’s perfectly summed-up in this opening routine.

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wss dance by ash_nyght

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The 15 Best Dance Scenes in Movies -- See Our Picks!

With "Step Up Revolution" in theaters this weekend, we here at toofab decided to look back at some of our favorite dance scenes on film.

After much debate (and a fight or two), we've come up with this list of fifteen that we found most timeless ... and since there was no way to choose favorites, they're listed below in chronological order.

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