May 30th, 2012

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West Side Story was reborn in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, when the Sydney Symphony played Leonard Bernstein's electrifying orchestral score live in January while the newly remastered film was shown in glorious high definition with the original vocals and dialogue. Find out the challenges behind the project and how the producers made it.
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Howell grad ready for ‘West Side Story’ tour

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MARLBORO — Like many aspiring entertainers, Melanie Wildman knows how it feels to dance, sing and act her way through a demanding audition process, only to be let go at the final moment.

But when Wildman, who is a Boston Conservatory freshman, boards a plane destined for Berlin, Germany, in May to perform in an international tour of the musical “West Side Story,” those close calls will be mere memories.

As the youngest member of the cast, Wildman, 18, a musical theater major, will play the role of a Jet Girl in the production.
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West Side Story - Original Broadway Cast Album (1957) - Album Cover Location

The album cover for the original Broadway cast album of West Side Story, a photo of Tony (Larry Kent) playfully chasing after his girlfriend Maria (Carol Lawrence), was photographed in front of 418 West 56th Street, between Ninth and Tenth Avenue, in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City in 1957.
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