February 12th, 2012

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Interview: Actor Russ Tamblyn Tells Classic Hollywood Stories

by PatrickMcD

CHICAGO – Russ Tamblyn has seen it all. In a show business career that is now over 60 years old, he has gone from child star (”Father of the Bride”) to Oscar nominee (”Peyton Place”) to classic role (”West Side Story”) and cult hero (”Twin Peaks”). With a span like that, he has collected a few stories.

Tamblyn made an appearance in Chicago in 2010 at the Hollywood Palms in Naperville, Illinois, and did an interview with HollywoodChicago.com regarding the 50th Anniversary of the film “West Side Story.” After talking about that experience, he began to reminisce about his other career adventures. In a talk that lasted close to an hour, he spoke about the transition from child to adult star, encounters with Elvis Presley and adventures with rocker Neil Young, director David Lynch and actor Glenn Ford.
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