November 16th, 2011

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Two Featurettes And A Review Of The Blu Ray

Exclusive Blu-Ray Clip: How Jerome Robbins Choreographed West Side Story's Rumble

Author: Katey Rich

One of the best movie musicals in history is finally coming to Blu-Ray this week, as the West Side Story 50th Anniversary Edition hits the shelves today, November 15, in gorgeous high definition. Not only is the film restored to gorgeous quality, but the disc includes a ton of bonus features, like a piece about the film's legacy, song-by-song commentary from legendary lyricist Stephen Sondheim, and a series of featurettes about the dances in the film. We've got an exclusive clip from one of those featurettes to show you, in which several choreographers retell the story of how choreographer and co-director Jerome Robbins incorporated classical dance movement in the Rumble scene, even after he had been fired from the production.
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