October 23rd, 2011

wss quintet by sixtiespink


The Turf War

1 part gin
1 part soda water

stir on rocks in a shaker and drop into a coupe, add two splashes of Fanta’s Cream Soda and garnish with a tooth pick staffed with as many capers as will fit.

The cream soda represents the sugary bubble gum of 1950’s American youth culture. The capers are the taste of the oceanic waters that surround Puerto Rico. A turf war in your glass between sweet and salty.

*Created specifically for the opening of Vancouver Opera’s production of West Side Story. Served at No. 11. on October 22nd, 2011.

petzi great lakes by dhamphir

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In my opinion the absolute best part of the film production of West Side Story is the 5minute long opening sequence that transitions from an Overture of all the songs in the movie played over an abstract of Manhattan — with each song representing a different color and mood — to that abstract becoming a reality in the vision of Manhattan. The camera then pans over the vastness of the city, to the sound of a distant din of traffic, horns honking, planes landing, ships horning. Then a whistle, and in the vastness, in the expanse of cultures, religions and identities the view focuses on a playground. And the story unfolds.

It is simply one of the best cinematic introductions ever put on film.