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October 6th, 2011

Cast Changes For National Tour

Ross Lekites, Evy Ortiz Join Cast of WEST SIDE STORY National Tour

by BWW News Desk

Casting has just been announced for the second year of the national tour of the smash-hit revivAl West SIDE STORY. Star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria will be played by Ross Lekites and Evy Ortiz, respectively. Drew Foster, the tour's original Action, now stars as Riff. Mike Boland, the tour's original Krupke, now stars as Schrank. The tour also welcomes Jon Drake as Action, Wally Dunn as Krupke, Casey Garvin as Diesel, Harris Milgrim as Snowboy, Christopher Rice as Baby John and Clay Thomson as A-rab. Laura Irion, Gizel Jimenez and Eric Anthony Johnson join as new ensemble members.
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    I found this rather overblown, if one gets the drift.
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