September 6th, 2011

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is Bernardo! He had long hair that would have worked pretty well for George Akram, I think, but since I'm basing him on George Chakiris, I had to give him a haircut. Which is why he may or may not have a little bald spot on one side of his head. Thanks to some careful posing, though, his follicular dignity remains intact. ;) Hope you enjoy!

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Both Nights Are Sold Out

MGM HD presents West Side Story

Location: Avery Fisher Hall

Wed, Sep. 7, 2011
Thu, Sep. 8, 2011

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic film and winner of ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The New York Philharmonic plays Leonard Bernstein’s electrifying score and memorable songs with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim live, while the newly re-mastered film is shown in glorious high definition on the big screen with the original vocals and dialog intact. This classic romantic tragedy, one of the greatest achievements in the history of movie musicals, features breath-taking choreography by Jerome Robbins and a masterful book by Arthur Laurents.
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Classic Score by Bernstein Is Remade


When it came time to make a movie of his “West Side Story,” a busy Leonard Bernstein entrusted the score to Hollywood and his loyal arrangers.

But he was less than enchanted with the results. On hearing the overture for the first time on the stereo of the music director, John Green, he burst out, “Johnny, how the hell could you have done it so badly?,” one of the film’s producers, Walter Mirisch, said.

Regardless of his opinion then, the guardians of Bernstein’s musical legacy have painstakingly recreated a written score of the soundtrack to be performed live by an orchestra during a screening of the movie, which will be stripped of its instrumental music.

Taking the Score From ‘West Side Story’ : For a screening of “West Side Story” at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall on Wednesday and Thursday, audio engineers removed Leonard Bernstein’s score from the movie soundtrack so it could be performed live by the New York Philharmonic. Here are two versions of an excerpt from the film, one with the score intact and the other with the score removed. The vocals remain in both versions.</>

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