April 3rd, 2006


Hi...Im new...just joined.

My dad told me to watch WSS, and for my Birthday my mum bought it for me. I immediatly fell in love with it. Especially when on the back of the DVD it said it was like Romeo and Juliet. Which I love. I cried at the end though. It was so sad. I love Richard Beymer's voice. And his eyes. And his smile. Heck. I love Richard Beymer in general. Mostly in the 60s. Natalie Wood has a pretty voice too. I went to Tempe, AZ a few days a go, and went to a record store called ZIA. I bought the WSS soundtrack on Vinyl. I doesnt have Richard, or Natalie singing though. I got sad. Thats one of the reasons I bought it. And cause I love the songs. And I love the way Richard songs. With all those cresendos(getting louder) and Decresendos(getting softer). larry kent(i think) Who sings on the record doesn't do that as good. Oh well. oops. Sorry, I tend to babble a lot. lol. If oyu want to add me go ahead! I like to meet new people! :D

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