October 1st, 2004

tucker smith, ice, cool

Hey guys

Okay, some stuff about me- My name's Anna. I'm 15 from Maine. I loved west side story the first time I saw it. WE actually watched it in school and read it in class too. My favorite songs are the songs with the Jets- it's more boppy and upbeat, and fun. I love Ice, Baby John, and A-rab.  I read somewhere that David Winters originally created teh character Baby Johm, so yeah, there's a bit of information if case you didn't know. 

Few quick questions

1- Does ANYONE have icons of Tucker Smith/Ice, Baby John/Eliot Field, David Winters/A-rab?  They would be greatly appreciated.  I could go back like, five months or something and look for them, but, due to school, work, and all my extra-curricular stuff, I don't have that kind of time.

2- I'm attempting to make some icons.  Does anyone have some good sites where I can find pictures of the above listed?

3- Can anyone de-water mark pictures?  I can't.

4-Edoes anyone know if on the soundtrack it's Tucker Smith or Russ Tamblyn doing the Jet Song?  I say it's Tucker, but the CD case says Tamblyn.

And randomly- is it wrong I listen to number 12 (Tonight, the four part one) over and over just to hear Ice say "Right" two times and "123?"

Thanks guys

tucker smith, ice, cool

sorry for double posting...

Another questions that's different from the others.

Is it just me, or does Ice look like he likes Anybody's in the scene where she tells them about Chino and the gun in the movie?

The way he says "yeah..." and she glares at him. And then how he goes "you? in and out of the shadows..." he kinda looks her up and down, anyone notice that? And then the "you done good, buddy boy" What else could change his heart to let her in? WEll, yeah, she did tell about Tony, but like, wow, I'm getting way to upset over this. But the way her grabs her arm and stuff in the Jet song and in that scene.

AHH! Anna, calm down, he's a fictional character... Oh well, I still have my fanfics :)