August 28th, 2004

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I bet everyone either owns this or has it already, but when I was at Target today I totally FLIPPED OUT upon finding WSS on DVD AND (there's more?!) West Side Memories, with (this is from memory) behind the scenes photos and interviews with people and OHMICROD I want it...

I was at imdb and I read that off-set the Sharks & the Jets were supposed to play pranks on each other to keep tensions high while filming. I thought that was cute.

That is all.
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Audition thing

Hi people, I'm new but don't mind me.

I'm 16 and I'm auditioning for Maria at my school early September. I'm singing I Feel Pretty for the audition and they haven't given us any scripts, but I suspect they will either use the 1st scene with Maria in, so they can audition Anita and Maria together, or the final Maria monologue.

If you could give me absolutely ANY advice whatsoever I'd be vair vair grateful

Danke schon
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